The rural farm houses of Hungary are parts of an outstanding group of the Hungarian cultural heritage sites, they are on the World Heritage Tentative List of the country. In the course of the project we have, we have made a complete assessment and set up a digital data base in order to have a structured catalogue and a long term digital archiving option.

The target of the digital recording is to register the architectural, folkloric, natural characteristic features of the houses in order to transmit it to the next generation. In the course of the processing, the traditions of folklore objects, verbal, moving, musical and usage qualities are examined as well as their historic, geographic and social relations and effects.

The materials are appropriate for giving examples of the digital presentations of an exhibition including teaching and information provision demonstrations. By further development, it cannot only be used as a presentation and marketing tool for the site but it provides the opportunity for a more general, educational and scientific-touristic product. In the course of our work, we had close cooperation with the Szentendre Open-air Folklore Museum and the Hungarian Rural Farm House Association.

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