Knowledge Centre for Utilising Scientific Achievements

INFOTA’s primary objective is to go beyond social, economic, financial achievements and gather them in a knowledge centre that facilitate application-centred understanding of information and knowledge management, its electronic data processing and information technology background together with the relevant human, organisational, legal, social, management and scientific aspects, as well as its interdisciplinary approach. This is the basic concept constituting a background for all research areas wherefrom individual research topics, analyses and projects aim to explore different elements within the framework of INFOTA Research Institute working under the umbrella of the Foundation.

The core of INFOTA’s staff is made up of colleagues with Ph.D. degree, looking back to several decades of scientific research and lecturing, as well as experts entertaining significant business and public administration expertise, and/or middle and senior managerial experiences. Furthermore, the Foundation involves in its activities eminent experts of specific areas of information technology, talented gradual, post-gradual and Ph.D. students from the technical and/or economic faculties of several Hungarian universities and academies. INFOTA has succeeded in surrounding itself with a circle of highly reputed Hungarian and international external researchers and lecturers, who participate in quick recycling of the researches into education. They are all active contributors to a spiri­tual community, who maintain and mutually inseminate the research-development capacities as well as innovative-solution-sensitive attitude of the participants.

The main research activities of the INFOTA Research Institute Among others, include the following areas:

  • Mapping and modelling business processes of financial institutes
  • Bank IT
  • Mobile device applications
  • Process engineering and rationalising
  • Market and trend analyses
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • Decision support
  • Digital document management and archiving
  • Support for knowledge management and HR-activities.
  • Information management for cultural heritage
  • Application development for electronic channels, software development and web-content
  • GET – General E-learning Technology

Research teams associated with INFOTA Research Centre

  • Cultural Heritage Protection Research Centre
  • McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences, Hungarian Satellite Centre
  • Safety and Security Management Research Group
  • Microsimulation Research Group