In the framework of the MCC Highschool Program the development, tailoring and putting into operation of the infocommunication tools for on-line teaching support has been implemented.

In the framework of the MCC High School Program free internet (e-learning) training in social sciences is offered for the interested pupils who want to be more literate, informed than the average related to the social, economic, political issues of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The eLearning teaching materials were created in 4 subject areas, each having 16 lessons. Each subject includes an introductory video teaser with a preliminary summary for the pupil users of the system. The chapters include suggested reading lists or their links, home works, tests and checking questions to promote a more efficient knowledge acquirement. The complete training time is four semesters but each of the trainings can be independently learned. The pupils can select the order of the trainings for themselves.

By their participation, the pupils cannot only gain new and interesting knowledge but they will also learn how to organise their own time in an efficient way as well as to experience individual education thus preparing for their university studies.

The eLearning subject materials:

  • History of the Modern age
  • Social studies
  • Economics
  • International relations

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