Our main research areas are explored depending on assignments in order to provide optimal support of IT development dissemination in Hungary. One of its main activities is information spreading so that scientific achievements, applied technologies, innovative technologies are communicated in an understandable way for the wider public in the framework of our latest, carefully elaborated training methodology.

The teaching material in the modern e-learning systems combines the traditional text-figure assistances with multimedia tools (e.g. photo, voice, video, etc.) in order to create a new type of unit that the student can use corresponding to his/her own pace and timing reaching the inner link structure of the material simultaneously with the broader options provided by the use of Internet, thus the new knowledge can be captured with more straightforwardly than by the traditional systems. This type of knowledge-engineering approach clearly reflects the communication and knowledge transfer requirements resulting from task division that otherwise can also be traced from the functional separations existing in the corporate operation.

In the same time, the GET system has got all the functions that the other e-learning systems have, nevertheless, in the practice oriented learning system, the additionally provided multimedia contents helps to acquire knowledge more easily, more quickly and even more thoroughly. In order to achieve this, the delivered lecture, the projected material (Power Point presentation, web page, animation, video), as well as the researches, demonstrations, practical hints, operation of equipment can be watched time synchronized.

Among others, it can be applied for the digital preservation, authentic transmission and presentation of folk traditions (dance, music, customs) and professions on the border of extinction.