In the course of establishing its proposals and services, the Foundation for Information Society lays a big emphasis on protecting the data of its Clients. The effect of the present Data Protection Statement covers solely the web page of the Foundation for Information society and it excludes all web pages reached by links found on our web page

Data Registration and Processing

When our web page is visited, our servers will store various access data in an electronic logbook. It includes the IP address of your access from where you visit us, the web pages that you visit on our web page as well as the date and duration of your visit. They can be used exclusively for statistical purposes, they must not be delivered to a third party in any circumstances. Consequently, we store personal data if it is given by you in the case of implementing a registration, query, online call or contract. You will be provided with information about the purpose of data registration in each case.

Transmission and use of personal data, as well as the binding related to the aim of usage

Your personal data will be used only related to the aim and in the extent necessary to it – e.g. for administrative purposes, evaluation of queries or for marketing reasons. We undertake to use your personal data exclusively for the original purpose of data registration and we do not give them to a third party. The transmission of personal data for authorities will happen only in case of efficient legal instruction and in compliance with them. Our employees are liable for confidentiality as well as keeping the effective legal instructions related to data protection.