The Foundation for Information Society (ITA) aims at supporting the development of scientific technology in Hungary. In the spirit of its Founding Articles, it supports research activities with special regard to the development of computer-infrastructure in Hungary. In the framework of its expert research groups working in close cooperation with each other, INFOTA’s primary objective is to facilitate application-centred understanding of information and knowledge management, its electronic data processing and information technology background together with the relevant human, organisational, legal, social, cultural, management and scientific aspects, as well as its interdisciplinary approach adopted in Hungary as well as in its wide international relations.

Cultural heritage preservation and its appearance in economic life via tourism are also outstanding areas of interest for INFOTA. Through IT developments and projects related to this topic and making use of the possibilities granted by state-of-the-art technology and digital culture, ITA attempts to assist in the preservation of values intrinsic in the Hungarian culture and heritage preservation. An obvious objective of the Foundation is that in addition to the preservation and presentation of values, the cultural and tourism institutions would capitalise its projects.