In 2009, we have implemented among others a project based on a call support which assured a freely available service package (web based fax and phone service and some eLearning teaching materials) for the eMagyarország Points.

In order to assure a smooth operation of phone services, in the frames of the tender, free headsets were delivered to each Point. We prepared free operation of teaching materials for entrepreneurial, internet using, citizen’s affair management In order to make the popular and useful programs further on usable, we spent donations for it all over the country at more than 2000 locations.

Our partner: Opennetworks Kft.

The services were made available free for the eMagyarország Points for one year or for a given number of communicational credit points. Beyond it, one part of the services had a charge providing thus a type of income for the eMagyarország Points. This way we could support their functioning, increasing the resources of their earnings.

On the basis of the project development, the operation, maintenance was continued by us in the following years from our own funding. This project has also aimed at the decrease of digital illiteracy in Hungary by 3 e-Learning teaching materials. They help in the realization of web, fax and phone usage, in arranging our everyday affairs, whereas it can also provide assistance for employees of SMEs in the execution of their tasks by giving them useful, practical advice and knowledge facilitating their work and conquering the crisis situation.

Our Foundation has been providing the contents since then.

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