As touristic development projects result in attraction changes affecting the layers of tourists, the information system for them needs also amendments to stay up-to-date. In the system we have elaborated, information reaches the visitor through a QR code (Quick Response code) that is appropriate for coding nearly all text information and can be used on all printed surfaces being a two dimensional bar code.

The condition of its application is a cell phone having a camera and data communication as well as a software able to interpret the code. Nowadays even cheaper phones can meet these conditions, whereas data traffic prices are getting lower, the code reading software is free and their usage is rapidly increasing.

A demonstration installation was prepared in the Sas Mountain natural trail in Budapest and in the memorial walk of Franz Liszt in Sopron. In the Sopron Central Mining Museum, we have also established a QR code based exhibition guide: Descriptions to each exhibits are available by the capturing of QR codes, including further pictures and sounding materials which can be accessed by all visitors with the help of their smart phone.

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