One of the crucial points of implementing a loyalty system is the careful design of the IT system operating them. The business model can be perfect, nevertheless, without a good, efficient, smooth implementation, the program cannot be successful. The guests, the mployees using the system and the business partners, all are connected by the IT system, flowing and manipulating the data. This is to be implemented in a quick, simple, safely operating, continuously and secure way.

Based on the experiences of the branch of industry, a well operating extended loyalty system is often the first step towards a completely integrated, centralised IT system controlling the whole hotel chain. The entire synergy, the exploitation of all its options can only be established by such an environment.

Our study discusses the above mentioned aspects one by one, and the IT conception for a modern hotel loyalty program is created on this basis completing it with the adjacent development and transformation requirements that the potential user must consider in order to establish a really efficient system, increasing profit and improving customer relation qualities in the long term.

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