Labour force planning helps in disposing the available labour force in the prescribed working hours. It makes practicable that is simple but hardly feasible that all employees could carry out their tasks appropriately in time and place and they could also respond to the assignments.

Nevertheless there is a huge number of factors to be considered (availability, unexpected events, holidays, regulations that are strictly to be considered). Our software is a unique solution in the national market making it possible instead of exhausting efforts with paper and Excel charts.

Our payroll accounting software is in accordance with the continuously changing legal regulations and thus provides reliable and up-to-date processing. The system is characterised by business logic, taking into account the complex system of requirements and needs. The task was formulated for us by a nationwide commercial retail store chain thus making testing possible. The result is a reliable, integrated human IT solution for payroll accounting, management of labour force, social benefits, holidays, and other related HR domains with built-in automatisms supporting the user with situation-sensitive checks and warnings, in compliance with the Labour Code.