The Foundation is controlled by its managing organisation, the Curatorium. They are to make decision about all strategical issues. The members of the managing organisation, the Curatorium are appointed by the Founder for an unlimited period. The supervisory organisation of the Foundation is the S upervisory Board consisting of 5 persons.

President of the Curatorium

Tibor Rácz

Engineering BA, economist, bank specialist, member of the Association of Hungarian Mortgage Banks, honorary associate professor

The Curatorium of the Foundation

Róbert Cselovszki

economist, CEO of Erste Bank Investment Co. Ltd., vice president of the Budapest Stock Exchange, chairman of the Association of Investment Service Providers

Dr. Zsolt Kőhalmi

Electronic engineer, technology transfer-, IT- and cybersecurity professional, member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the former Theodore Puskás Foundation

István Sas

Internet-content provision expert, editor, entrepreneur, Founder of the Foundation ITA

Dr. Iván Székely

Social IT expert, data protection expert, chief consultant of Open Society Archives, former associate professor of the Department of Information and Knowledge Management of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, PhD of sciences

Supervisory Body of the Foundation

Farkas Zoltán, president

Master of economics, graduated at the Budapest University of Economy, Faculty of management in accounting specialisation in 1999. Chartered auditor since 2011 and member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) since 2004. Currently senior manager of a an international auditing company. Member of the SB since 2006.

Imre Gróf

Foreign trade economist, project manager. Since 1996, managing director of Promei Company of Public Utility, chairperson of the Infopark project German Joint Venture Company (park and facilitiy management, portfolio management, CRM, PR, marketing). From 2006 to 2011Director’s Board member and General Manager of the Budapest Town Development Ltd. Since 2011, he participates in various national and ineternational project organisation and control. Has a high level language proficiency in English, German, Russian.

Prof. dr. Meszéna György

Teacher of mathematics, physics, descriptive geometry; chartered telecommunication electrical engineer; founder and Head of the Department of Operational Researches at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently professor emeritus.

Dr. Györgyi Mátyók

Dr. Zoltán Pacsi





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