In district III. of Budapest (Óbuda), where our then official site was also to be found, we had close cultural cooperation in order to contribute to the digital preservation of the special collections of its museums. (Museum Kiscelli – Miklós Ybl’s original design drawings for the Opera House, Textile Museum – special, still operating machines, puppet exhibition). In the Óbuda Museum, there is an exceptional folklore exhibition donated by Zsigmond Kun and his wife Erzsébet Szabó, as a result of their several decade long collecting work.

In 2010, by the connection of our museum research work and the value saving of intangible heritage in the rural farm houses, we digitally processed the „Zsigmond Kun” Folklore Collection.

On 2 January 2000, when Zsigmond Kun died, his collection consisted of nearly 1100 objects. In July 2010, his heritage was moved to his native town, Mezőtúr. Currently the collection is accessible in the Pottery Museum of Túr.

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