In the framework of the project, the funding of the electronic archiving system, the assessment of the electronic data assets was carried out.

The first idea of the assessment of the electronic data assets has turned up in the course of the planning the electronic archives project (EKOP-1.2.8-08-2008-0001).

The New Hungary Development Plan had a Electronic Public Administration Operative Program in the frameworks of which the subject of progressing with electronic public services also included the initiation of the technical planning of the unified electronic archiving system in 2007 and the implementation of assuring the long term preservation of electronic data assets has still been going on since then.

The aim of the assessment is to support the technical planning by the help of the expected quantity, quality (format) indicators and applications (software) to be received from the document producers, i.e. to identify the indicator numbers necessary for planning the archiving capacity for the processing, storing and archiving of the valuable electronic documents to be preserved.