Education, training, skill development and information provision

ITA and INFOTA having acknowledged researchers, trainers and teachers who are widely accepted both in and outside Hungary in the territory of research development and training.

One of the basic aims of INFOTA Research Institute is the support of Hungarian IT knowledge by providing scientific information provision about common IT knowledge, applied technologies and explaining innovative scientific processes to wider public. This also includes the introduction of the idea of information society for people, presenting new infocommunicational technologies by the help of new media as well as the dissemination of digital literacy, the underlining of quality on-line contents especially by our own developed eLearning system (GET).

We have a wide range of subjects for education that can be tailor made upon request:

  • Data mining
  • Training courses for in-house data protection managers
  • IT security expert training
  • Electronic signature in practice
  • Bank and financial IT
  • Scoring
  • Information economy
  • Information management
  • Heritage information management
  • Knowledge management in practice
  • Training course for HR managers
  • E-business management
  • E-business models
  • B2B and B2C systems
  • Mobile business
  • SME management
  • Economy modelling and simulation
  • Discrete simulation
  • Management decision support
  • Project management
  • Office Fitness Club
  • System theory in practice
  • Network science and its applications

ITA is implementing these tasks in accordance with the related legal prescription of community tasks (about national public education 2011/CXC act,  4.§ 1) par. a)-u). ITA is officially registered for providing adult education and services.

Our courses are publicly advertised and organised in Budapest or at any other educational site in the country.