In the settlement of Deszk, in order to preserve the heritage of the Serbians, we participated in a digitization project. In the course of the work, we managed the restoration operations, collected the materials to be digitalized and we also made a digital map of the old Serb cemetery.

In the course of the digitization of the cemetery, we made photos of the graves, positioned the location of each grave on a digital map and finally we connected the personal data provided by our partner to each grave.

Another important part of the project was to collect the documentation about heritage preservation in the course of which we made detailed descriptions about objects to be preserved. As the result of the project a study was created describing the objectives of the safeguarding of folk heritage and about the methods of heritage preservation, the implementation of it as well as of its presentation. Our partner organized an exhibition to which we contributed with professional help to establish the showcase, the presentation room as well as the selection of objects for the exhibition. We also helped in the preparation of the webpage of the exhibition and in its organizational work.

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