One of the basic aims of ITA is to support the development of IT in Hungary of which an important part is scientific dissemination where everyday science, applied technologies as well as the innovative scientific discoveries of our days are to be transmitted to people in an understandable way. This includes the introduction and establishment of idea and culture of information society for the inhabitants of Hungary and neighbouring countries as well as to present the new options provided by the new info-communication and media tools, to spread digital literacy, to make quality online contents more public by the way of education or consultancy.

Our services include activities for heritage protection and tourism as outstanding areas. In the recent times, intangible heritage (traditions, cemeteries, craftsmanship) has also become a target of researches. By the use of the options of modern technology, we want to contribute to the preservation of Hungarian heritage values by the help of which we can support local interests and strengthen cultural identity.

Moreover, our services want to transfer tools and methodologies developed in business life from a lot of money to areas where their development or procurement cannot be afforded. By offering these tools, it is our special goal to promote the education, social integration of people having any (physical, local) disadvantages as well as the protection of cultural heritage and knowledge transfer (e.g. safeguarding and transmission of folklore craftsmanship to younger generations). By all this help, we would like to contribute to the maintenance, information flow and contact establishment of civil organisations, micro and SMEs.

Our services include many ways for the facilitation of the regions having the most disadvantages as well as to establish transboundary contacts by bridging the lack of information and appropriate conditions through contacts and communication. Consequently, tools for help are given to the economic, municipal and civil participants. In accordance with our Founding Document, our basic aim is to contribute to the development of local culture and in the frameworks of the public utility of our Foundation, by making scientific researches, we carry out training and educating work for the development of skills and information spreading.