Role playing groups for personality development

A group, with generally 6-8 children of nearly the same age, is playing together. They meet regularly weekly or biweekly for 50-70 minutes, in order that children could handle their everyday conflicts, emotions more efficiently and their development becomes well-balanced and harmonic.

What happens at these meetings?

The participants make up a story and they perform it together. They can be symbolic, fictional or real situations, too. In the course of the creation and performance of the stories, everybody becomes the part of the creative process and meanwhile they learn to cooperate. The joint game is stress relieving, several roles can be tried and they also can learn from the other’s solutions.

Who do we offer this method to?

To all children above 5 years who need a medium where they can experience their own values and particularities, who are not so successful in their everyday life, who have difficulties in making friends or to meet school or family expectations.

How to apply in such a group?

Joining a group is preceded by a meeting with the participation of only the parents who tell why they are thinking that their child needs such a group and in the same time, they get acquainted with the frames and rules of the group operations. The children always have two trial occasions where they can decide whether they like this form and feel like joining such group meetings. Those who decide to come are committed for 10 occasions.

Appointment and further information can be obtained by e-mail:

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