The aim of the training is to produce an overall practical knowledge that can be immediately launched and applied in everyday practice. In the same time we offer an opportunity to think over problems together and through the interchanges of experiences and knowledge, to produce active learning. The target group is practicing HR experts who want to learn new territories and methods, the experts of a given area who want to get a global picture, HR assistants, practitioners who want to renew their knowledge.

„Survival – sustainability – preparation – strengthening”

The aim of the training is among the established world and national crisis to present SME proprietors and/or managers with methods for diminishing bankruptcy risks, strategies for reasonably supporting survival, with sustainability and out breaking solutions for the period of the recession, supplemented with financial basic knowledge, fundraising as well as with project management. Further on it gives them practical and very useful knowledge and advice by which the difficult, problematic situations can be avoided or moderated and the chance for the company’s crisis diminished.

The participants of the program can set problems or questions related to their own company (even by hiding their names) and they will be discussed during the course, searching jointly an answer for them.

The aim of the training is the transmission of both theoretical and practical knowledge abut project management and financing which enables the civil sector to establish a professionally well based project culture and simultaneously and to apply an up-to-date call, investment, service, event and other project financing, planning and budget control.

Themes of the training

  • Introduction and basic conception (2 lessons)
  • Product based planning (4 lessons)
  • Activity Based Planning (4 lessons)
  • Timing (4 lessons)
  • Resource management (4 lessons)
  • Monitoring and control (2 lessons)
  • Project management processes (2 lessons)
  • Special projects (2 lessons)
  • Financial planning basics (3 lessons)
  • Project financing tools (5 lessons)

The aim of the training is to provide information on the notion of knowledge management, its basic approaches and its role in organisational value establishment.

The aim of the training is to provide the participants with knowledge about personal mobile IT, the world of communication and the opportunities for the implementation of a transportable, mobile office.

The aim of this practical training is to make the participants learn about the condition of the application of electronic signature, its perspectives as well as to make them capable to apply it right after completing the course. The participants will get answer how electronic signature is integrated into the Hungarian legal system, what kind of opportunities can it provide, why it is considered secure and in the same time, the participants can learn its use in practice for signing Word, Excel documents, e-mails, for checking sent and outgoing letters.

The aim of the training is to provide the participants with information about the basics of network science and its most recent achievements. By the help of case studies, we introduce successful applications of the tools of this new scientific area in various business territories.

The aim of the call centre operator training is to form and develop communication and call centre specialised skills, which will enable participants to become successful sales, opinion researcher or client service operators.

In the framework of this training method and educational service, we offer a consultation option and a training improving creativity and efficiency in the course of office work for such persons who lose much time every day by creating and managing Excel tables, word processing, formatting, corresponding, preparing presentations, carrying out thematic searches on internet. By our joint efforts, people will implement these usual tasks in a quicker, more efficient and simpler way. By thinking together, the daily routine will become easier. Knowledge especially tailored for daily work will be provided. A new way of thinking is going to be established in order to assure the increase of effectiveness and several hidden options of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) usage will be revealed.