The participants can procure the basis of an extra knowledge that can assure them competitiveness  in business life by gaining additional knowledge from the corporate data property through the method of data mining.  The participants will acquire the theory and practice of data mining, thus increasing their knowledge discovering and problem solving capabilities.

The aim of the training is to provide an introduction in the methodologies of the simulation examinations of various technical, economic territories as well as in their applications in planning, management and decision making. The main application areas are: IT, manufacturing systems, traffic, logistics, environmental protection, micro- and macroeconomics as well as complex regional development issues.

The aim of the training is to provide knowledge on simulation terminology, the review of methodology and tool system for the simulation investigations of technical and economic issues including the analysis and synthesis of areas (micro- and macro-economy, production, market conditions, traffic, logistics, regional development) where the various economic issues are raised.