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Foundation for Information Society (INFOTA) has been operating as a research institute and knowledge centre since 1998. Its activity covers R&D, innovation, application development and consultancy tasks for industrial, commercial and service sector, state organisations and municipalities in Hungary and abroad.

Its interest area has got a wide range: information society, social networks and multicultural issues, information management, knowledge management, eLearning, educational games, simulation and optimisation of value production business processes, ebusiness and e-services, data and text mining, economy modelling, trend analysis, decision support, digitisation and information retrieval, data protection and information freedom, IT safety and security, tourism and heritage protection etc.

Related to the above, it makes software development and implements mobile and cloud based systems.

The R+D+I projects are made  partly on the basis of orders by companies and institutions, partly in the frameworks of Hungarian or EU project calls, in order to further develop achievements as well as to create new products.

INFOTA is an accredited adult training institution.

Current courses

Accredited trainings

  • Characteristics of modern management and their tools in public collections – Management training
  • Environmental sustainability in the SME sector

Business and information management trainings

  • HR Generalist
  • Gain Time! – Office Club



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Priority project

TÁMOP-2.2.4-11/1 – Joint knowledge for the success of entrepreneurships along the border

In the framework of the call TÁMOP 2.2.4-11/1, the Foundation for Information Society received a 30.77 million HUF support from the European Union for the project entitled Joint knowledge for the success of entrepreneurships along the border. The support was received for the implementation.


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Christmas and New Year wishes

Tourism and Cultural Landscapes: Towards a Sustainable Approach – Conference

This was the title and aim of the 4th International Conference of the UNITWIN Network that took place at the Budapest Metropolitan University and was implemented by the INFOTA Research Institute from 12 to 16 June, 2016. From 5 continents, more than 60 presentations, posters have reported about the most recent research achievements of a highly delicate and often discussed cultural heritage, the cultural landscapes – we also have 3 of them: Tokaj, Hortobágy and Fertőtáj.

The video message from the Deputy Director General of UNESCO, Francesco Bandarin is available on the following link.

More information about the conference

Conference website

GeneZYs 2015 – Press release

On 28 January, 2016, in Budapest, a press conference was held on the outcomes of the youth sociological research in the Carpathian Basin called GeneZYs 2015. In the cooperation of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Minority Studies and the INFOTA Research Institute of the Foundation for Information Society, a representative youth sociological research of the Carpathian Basin was carried out by making questioning 2700 young people having Hungarian as their mother tongue, being 15-29 years old and living in Transylvania, Upper Hungary, Vojvodina and Subcarpathia. The first results of the research were reported by the Head of the HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Minority Studies, Attila Papp Z.

More information about the research.

The video recorded on the press conference can be seen on this link.

The presentation delivered in the press conference can be found on this link.

The press release in its original language can be downloaded from here:

The most recent volume of the Alma Mater series has been published


The most recent volume of the Alma Mater series has been published with the title “Tourism and ICT Aspects of Balkan Wellbeing – a Balkán jóllét turisztikai és IKT vonatkozásai

The book provides us with a general overview on the touristic and ICT concerns of the Balkan wellbeing. The book can be ordered under the Publications point of the menu.

Since 2001, the Alma Mater series has been a primary Hungarian scientific publication forum for information and knowledge management, besides – because of the interrelation of scientific areas and by the opportunity of cross competences present in the workshops – having also rightly gained attention in international professional communities as a book series of scientific studies.

The present volume – in the course of our thematic publications – is a summary of the most recent regional well-being researches carried out in the widely interpreted Balkan area from the aspects of tourism and the info-communicational technologies.

Joint knowledge for the success of entrepreneurships along the border – Meeting on the occasion of presenting the Project Achievements

The Foundation for Information Society is kindly inviting you on the Meeting for presenting the Achievements of the „TÁMOP-2.2.4-11/1-2012-0063 Project – Joint knowledge for the success of entrepreneurships along the border, that is organised in Pension and Restaurant “Sólyomvár” in Komlóska on Thursday 22 October.

The aim of the project is that from Hungary the remote education, from Slovakia the network of offices providing personal consultations should be integrated in order to establish support for adult education activities and it is made for the entrepreneurships along the border with the help of such an educational methodology and knowledge base as well as with the elaboration of teaching materials that will be implemented together by the help of which micro and SMEs can receive especially up to date, otherwise hardly or expensively available knowledge and these materials can be accessed independently from time restraints.

The downloadable invitation for the meeting in original language: