GeneZYs 2015 – Press release

On 28 January, 2016, in Budapest, a press conference was held on the outcomes of the youth sociological research in the Carpathian Basin called GeneZYs 2015. In the cooperation of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Minority Studies and the INFOTA Research Institute of the Foundation for Information Society, a representative youth sociological research of the Carpathian Basin was carried out by making questioning 2700 young people having Hungarian as their mother tongue, being 15-29 years old and living in Transylvania, Upper Hungary, Vojvodina and Subcarpathia. The first results of the research were reported by the Head of the HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Minority Studies, Attila Papp Z.

More information about the research.

The video recorded on the press conference can be seen on this link.

The presentation delivered in the press conference can be found on this link.

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