Location: Budapest, Hungary

Date: 18-20 October, 2007

It is commonly agreed that the term ‘information retrieval’ (IR) refers to fetching information relevant to users’ information needs from recorded — using primarily, albeit not exclusively, (generally networked) computer systems — information. As such, IR — building firmly on its library science roots — has by now proved to stretch beyond information and computer sciences, reaching mathematics and linguistics, tackling and challenging new areas like physics, philosophy, sociology, or biology.

It is the broad goal of the 1st ICTIR 2007 to be the forum that reflects just this new, multi-valued meaning of IR in terms of new and original results.

The purpose of ICTIR’07 is to present, discuss, analyze and integrate new theoretical results in IR, including the traditional and already well-established fields and approaches in IR, but also welcoming new approaches coming from, e.g., physics, linguistics, biology, philosphy, and other areas. Experimental or practical results from new paradigms will be considered as well.