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Cikk címe – Szerző(k) Oldalszám
Foreword – Kiss Ferenc 1
Preface – Francesco Bandarin 3
Archaeological heritage protection in the passing time – Zsolt Visy 5
Aquincum on the waiting list of world heritage sites of the Roman Limes – Paula Zsidi 19
Situation of the archaeological heritage in Hungary – Dénes Jankovich B. 31
A World Heritage and Hungary – Notes taken from 2000 until today – Lia Bassa 59
Intangible and tangible heritage – presented by rural heritage buildings – Nóra Buskó – Tímea Debreczeni – Krisztina Király – Mária Mogyorósi – Kinga Szabó 75
Extracts from the analytic presentation of the cultural layers of the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma – Lóránt Fábián Boglárka Hevér László Ludvig Enikő Rátkai Boglárka Zsiros 107
The historical landscape, our complex heritage – Éva Tétényi 135
Lessons learned from the nomination of the Ipolytarnóc Fossils for world heritage – Imre Szarvas 147
Meeting between landscape and cultures fascinated by nature – The Fertő / Neusiedler See Cultural Landscape world heritage – Attila Fersch 161
World Heritage – Hortobágy – Csaba Aradi – Gábor Szilágyi 177
Relationship between heritage and advertisement – Krisztina Ahsbahs – Lajos Erdélyi – György Ádám Horváth – Gábor Tremmel 207
Heritage, protection – today, tomorrow – Tamás Fejérdy 227
Some thoughts concerning the world heritage title – from a Hungarian point of view, and with some experiences – János Tardy 249